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How to offer online reservations on your Facebook page?

If you've already set up an online reservation form, it's easy to integrate it into your Facebook page and offer guests the reservation option directly on Facebook. Here you'll learn how to set up Facebook online reservations.

First, go to the Account settings and visit the Online forms section. There you'll find the option to set up Facebook bookings if you have at least one online form. If not, please add one first. Make sure you're logged into Facebook as well. Please use Facebook as a person, not as your Facebook fan page and then click the Set up Facebook bookings link.

You'll be redirected to Facebook and will be asked to which page the online reservations form should be added. Make your selection and click Add Page Tab.

That's it! You should now see the setup successfull message and find a new tab within your Facebook page.

You might want to reorder or rename your new Facebook tab so your reservation tab is one of the first and not easy to overlook.

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